What Can We Do NOW? Part Three: UT, MI + TN

What Can We Do NOW? Part Three: UT, MI + TN

Continuing on with our series about what we can all do to help our most vulnerable populations during COVID-19. Today we’re focusing on our nonprofit partners in Utah, Missouri and Tennessee. (I know this is an odd collection of states, but as a rapidly growing social enterprise, we find ourselves in the position of having partners scattered all over the place, now!) Read on to learn how you can help.


Utah: SVS Utah

What they do: Provide shelter, advocacy, case management, and prevention services to families and individuals in the greater Salt Lake City area who are impacted by domestic violence.

What they need now: South Valley Services has implemented some temporary agency changes which will enable its staff to continue to provide the services of shelter, therapy, and case management to care for our existing and new clients. You can help by contributing monetarily, here or by making an in-kind donation from their urgent needs list, here.


Missouri: Hillcrest Transitional Housing

What they do: Hillcrest offers homeless families, singles and youth a disciplined educational program within a caring, supportive environment. Their primary objective is to move clients from homelessness to self-sufficiency by addressing the total life situation of the homeless families they serve.

What they need now: Hillcrest is seeking connection to a wholesaler to buy meat, milk, bakery items, cleaning supplies, and paper goods in bulk. If you are a wholesaler or if you can connect them to one, please e-mail tom@hillcrestkc.org. And, of course, you can always make a donation to support their work by clicking here.


Tennessee: Oasis Center

What they do: Oasis Center in Nashville is where over 3,000 youth and families turn for support every year. They provide a wide range of opportunities that reflect the diverse needs of youth and their families, including crisis intervention, youth leadership, community engagement, and college and career access.

What they need now: Oasis is managing to find housing for young people experiencing homelessness, even in the midst of a pandemic! Click here to support their work through a donation and/or to view their wish list for in-kind goods.